the Buzz for March 7th, 2010



(All times Texas, er… Central)

6:50: Welcome, everyone! 10 minutes to go before the ABC Red Carpet! Helping me with the first hour or so of tonight’s festivities are the lovely and witty Helen and Sherry Ann.

6:55: We are on the last few minutes of the Barbara Walters special. Sherry Ann wonders, “Why can’t Ryan Seacrest do this show?” Frankly, I don’t know who would be more annoying, but this is Barbara’s last Oscars special.

6:58: A toast to Barbara from Sandra Bullock. (We just learned that it’s pronounced, SAHN-dra, with the long AH’s, not as in San Diego!)

7:00: Here we go! Let the fun begin!

7:01: Did you know the Academy Awards began in 1929?

7:02: Yikes! It’s been raining in Southern California!

7:02: All five of the supporting actress nominees are here! Sherry Ann votes for Maggie Gyllenhaal!