My beloved A brought this to my attention and insisted that I bring it to yours. Hence:

“…I’d go ahead and proclaim [“Use Somebody”] the instant front-runner [for Song of the Year], but since everything seems to be breaking in Taylor Swift’s (whose ability to sing I still strongly question, no matter how wide-ranging and accessible her abilities as a songwriter undeniably are) favor lately — I’m stunned that little heifer didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize last month! — she seems like the one to beat.”


me, assessing Taylor Swift’s odds in this year’s Grammy race, in an instant-reaction nominations live blog last December.


“Taylor Swift, whose trophies now require a warehouse, is up for best female vocalist in pop and country. The crossover sensation may be able to write a tune, but she sure can’t carry one, as her live performances over the past year have demonstrated.”


USA Today music critic Edna Gundersen, summing up this year’s Grammy race in a column earlier this week.


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  1. the buzz from Blake Boldt:

    Let the betting begin, Grammy guru! A dollar per category (that’s a 109 categories, btw).