1 response to “reflecting on the big gay year in soaps
with afterelton.com‘s anthony d. langford
on brandon’s buzz radio! 12/22/09, 10pm e / 7pm p!”

  1. the buzz from Difficult Diva:

    Just wanted to say “thank you” for all that you do, in blogging/podcasting about American soaps and all of the actors, writers, directors and critics that are apart of the genre.

    Your latest podcast with Anthony was absolutely terrific, especially with the topic of the podcast being gay and lesbian characters and their storylines (and sometimes LACK of storylines) in American soaps.

    I’m so proud that ABCD are allowing Frank V., Ron C. and their stable of writers to create the same sort of storylines for their fictional gay and lesbian characters (Kyle, Oliver, Nick, Amelia and that fortune teller lady) as they do for their fictional straight characters.

    If we want inclusion for fictional GLBT characters/storylines, then we’ve got to have folks in charge who are allowed to be able to do those things for them, just like for all of the other characters/storylines.