make a wish

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He is the kindest, most intelligent, most thoughtful and amazing man — and, considering some of the fun that gets poked toward him on this very website, he’s one hell of a great sport — and today, exactly three decades after his arrival on this planet, we celebrate.

Happy thirtieth birthday, A. I love you.

2 responses to “make a wish”

  1. the buzz from Sherry Ann:

    Welcome to your thirties! I love you and hope that you have a great day. I know how you love baked goods so have some cake for both of us! You are indeed everything that Brandon said in his post and more. Happy Birthday A!

  2. the buzz from A.:

    Brandon, Sherry Ann, thank you both for your kind words and wonderful wishes! As for baked goods, while we did not have cake last night, we did have a huge cookie (with ice cream) that served as a very fine substitute!

    Here’s to enjoying one’s thirties! (Yikes!)