say what?

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“In broad, has forgotten today at firm a grip. It was predetermined to return. I around in function also I see that in corrie has entered: the chief wished to be given the gold watch with the secretary, And a door to clasp for some use one’s judgement secure forgotten. But they in passion give birth to not noticed me at once. Half-trice I stand. Then has reached what to do, I wish pit oneself against a bag Yes imperceptibly I pleasure leave. The horse-radish there, has made a agreement with – both of them severely on me Goggle eyes give birth to looked. extravagantly here and me in a block stop it is improve than anything Has not around than niche a yield and to certain: “Greetings!” Here and so the full chaos sometimes turns out I would like that you too have told such history happened with you.”


— a hilarious comment which got caught in the Buzz’s superbly attuned spam filter. (No idear what these folks are advertising, but I find their blisteringly brilliant stream-of-consciousness prose to be ferociously inspired.)


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  1. the buzz from Mike T:

    Don’t you just love these computer generated gobbleygooks? In the evolutionary battle between spammers and filterers, the filters of course get better at recognizing the repetitive patterns of spam that indicate an individual human didn’t write a unique message. What I love about t his is that, in an effort to avoid detection, the spammers try to act more ‘human’ by spewing forth large concatenations of random words that, while unique, and thus non-repetitive, are still just garbage. In this instance at least, an effort to appear more human necessitates throwing out the rules of logic and creating something apparently random instead! Gotta love it 🙂