“Any song with the line ‘magic rainbow’ in it is disqualified from being a good anything.”


— my cranky British pal Mike Walker (whose genius is solely responsible for how GREAT this blog looks), in response to my assertion that the 2008 American Idol Coronation Song, David Cook’s “Time of My Life,” is, in actual fact, not that bad a tune.


4 responses to “troubles melt like lemondrops”

  1. the buzz from Mike:

    You know it’s true. You might be able to get away with mentioning a “rainbow” or “magic moments” (hmm, that sounds like a good name for a song) but “magic rainbow”… I mean, come on!

    That’s just piling one cliché on top of another and ending with a slickly gooey sticky mess.

    The trouble is, when you set the bar so low as to allow the selection of a coronation song called “This Is My Now” (what the hell does that mean anyway??) then just about anything goes after that.

  2. the buzz from A.:

    Allow me to chime in with a somewhat different take on the “magic rainbow.” Doesn’t “magic rainbow” sound like something from a kids’ song or a fairy tale? (Perhaps the first cereal commercial that I have ever seen left too much of an impact on me! It should be fairly easy to guess which the cereal was being advertized.)

  3. the buzz from brandon:

    They had Lucky Charms in Russia?!

  4. the buzz from A.:

    Of course not! Lucky Charms? Ha! There was no cereal of any kind in Mother Russia. There were no potato chips, fruit roll-ups, chocolate milk, donuts, or pizza.

    There were no broccoli, yams, and kiwis, not even in dictionaries or encyclopedias (so you can imagine how much interest President George H. W. Bush’s dislike of broccoli generated). On the other hand, bananas and pineapples existed at least in dictionaries and encyclopedias, though they made their real-world appearance rarely: only once in all 10.5 years of my Soviet life.

    Oh, and by the way, there were no commercials, none whatsoever!