While honored and flummoxed to have set off such a brush fire — a compound noun, that — with her grammar woes, Sherry Ann has requested that I kindly clarify some remarks from last night’s post.

Her take on the situation is as follows:

“Please let everyone know I was capable of doing my own homework. I was just unmotivated!”

And, of course, my rebuttal:

“That crazy heifer only wishes she could have survived Calculus and AP Chemistry II without me! Can you say pie in the sky?”

2 responses to “groovy grammar, further reading”

  1. the buzz from Sherry Ann:

    Would you like to see my college transcripts? I not only passed Calculus I & II, but I received B’s. As for Chemistry, I was a chemistry major in college. I completed biochemistry, Organic chem I & II, and two semesters of general chemistry. I was too busy in high school to worry about something as trivial as homework.

  2. the buzz from brandon:

    See what it takes to get this woman all riled up? “Something as trivial as homework?” LMAO!